Kong City is a Token developed on the Binance Smart Chain, The $KCT Ecosystem is composed by NFT Marketplace , NFT collections, Staking DApp with 4000% APR, Kong City Swap, NFT Staking


KONG CITY: Introduces a Defi-staking ecosystem that revolutionizes blockchain technology with the ability to earn BNB rewards while you Stake your $KCT!

KGC is a decentralized currency on the Binance smart chain. KGC Crypto is a platform for traders & NFT artists. Kong City is structured as an open digital universe. The marketplace of KGC NFT allows anyone to buy, create, manage and sell multimedia NFTs. KGC NFT Assets can be viewed as tickets that grant access to all current and future experiences. In this way, KGC serves as the foundation for a world of infinite experiences. Kong City's core team, in consultation with the community, will develop features for the NFT assets associated with the Kong City brand.
KGC Staking is a system that rewards those who believe in KONG CITY. Users who are willing to lock their KGC tokens in the KONG CITY Online Staking Dapp for a certain period of time will be highly rewarded. Staking more than a certain amount will earn you the right to participate in our closed a and B test play. Scheduled May and June 2022 respectively.
NFT Marketplace: The KONG CITY NFT marketplace is a decentralized across chain NFT platform that allows users to mint, buy, sell, showcase, and swap their NFT's. It also makes it easier for users to exchange NFT's from other blockchains to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain.
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